KDevelop project stuck

After building an application in Debug configuration, switching to optimized has corrupted the project so that it will no longer build.

SUSE 10.1, KDevelop 3.3.3, KDE 3.5.1

RESOLVED: A reply in a forum indicated that there is a known bug with the default configuration that leaves a config.status around that sabotages the entire project. The recovery is to delete all the config.status files in the project and then avoid use of the default configuration.

Developed the program under the debug configuration and then tried to switch to default or optimized configuration. Tried many combinations to try to get it working again, but all BUILD options give errors ending with makedistclean.
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php5 and MySQL 5 – Access Denied

Permissions problem kept php5 and mysql 5 from talking….

When setting up a test website using Apache 2, php5 and mysql5, the connection to the database failed with AccessDenied. If the password were removed, then the failure looked different. The resolution to the problem is to include localhost explicitly in the host list and set database privileges for localhost. The default is @% which is wildcard, but apparently wildcard does not include localhost.
For a complete description, screen shots and the whole story:
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