WebCalendar import for Chaos Manager

After using Chaos Manager calendar for the past year or so, I wanted to start with a web calendar so I could access the calendar from multiple systems. Web Calendar looks like the simplest and most reasonable free solution based on php and mysql.

After some study, writing a new import method wasn’t that hard. The enclosed zip file contains two modified php files and a new import file. It worked to import about 130 events into WebCalendar 1.0.4.
I never used repeating events, so no provision is made to import repeating events into WebCalendar.

Chaos Manager has some limitations.

  • It cannot be accessed from multiple systems, although it will synch up with a PDA.
  • It does not store event durations, but only an event time.
  • For some reason, Chaos Manager csv files are not comma delimited but semi-colon delimited.

Download the new import code.