Gears OpenGL for Linux

Linux program port of Gears for OpenGL begins to work. Not complete, but mostly functioning.

A part of the Geodesic program for WIN MFC and OpenGL has been ported to Linux / KDevelop / Qt / OpenGL. It creates and displays a gear object and there are many parameters to change the shape of the gear. The program will be able to export OBJ or POV files of the shape of the gear. It can serve as a complex tutorial of using OpenGL and many other features of
the KDE and Qt frameworks.

Ring gears can be created as well:


There are many options to change the view of the object:


There are many properties to adjust the shape of the gear:


The display of the gear can be rotated, moved and resized using the mouse. Clicking down and dragging the mouse in the window rotates the object. Using SHIFT moves the object and using CTRL resizes the object. In addition, using animation from the View menu allows the object to be spun with the mouse in the windows. The object can be displayed using OpenGL display lists or using direct OpenGL commands. Of course using Display Lists, which are pre-compiled OpenGL commands, are much faster.

Download the KDevelop project and source here:

Download 2006_07_14 version of GearsOGL