Minor problems with Esper / Invigorate

Char / Pet

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Invigorate feature. Saves big time on RMS [look that one up if you don’t get it.].

But it has a few glitches and I have some questions.

Here’s my setup:

Esper Panel
Invig Settings
Invig Details


  1. When farming, the esper does not pick up the drops before attacking the next monster. Then the esper comes back while taking damage to pick up the drops. Why not pick up drops before moving away and attacking the next monster?
  2. When set on Small, the Esper can get in a loop where it ignores attacks, and keeps running back and forth between the starting point and some monster it has selected. This shows two problems: don’t run toward anything that you don’t intend to attack. The monster did not move out of range. It was stationary.
  3. And, if you are taking damage from an aggressive monster, attack it before selecting another one.

These all look like obvious glitches in the Esper.


When setting up monsters to ignore, two things.

  • Why not make the panel obviously say that this is what the list is. It looks no different from the items to pickup. Have a tool-tip or something tell you “ignore”.
  • Make it clear in the wiki or somewhere that you have to put in the whole name or only part of the name like the Pickups. It is not clear and you  don’t have all day to make sure a boss that appears infrequently is going to be ignored.

Thanks for listening.

– Lady Flayer

Here’s the area that I’m working.

Skysong, Afterglow Temple, 172,38

Work Area

Click for a larger view.