LadyFlayer at level 34

Hi. LadyFlayer checking in again just to let you know I’ve reached level 34. Wow that was quick. These mandatory quests are really great!

Level 30 Armor

You can see my new armor and I have a new axe with a handle to match the feathers on the armor.

The gift pack has a temporary face paint and a mount.

30 day mount

The mount works for 30 days.  After that I guess I need to buy one.

There are some pretty fancy mounts out there if I want to shell out the Jadeon for it – read $US.

A really nice mount

I found that I could have teleported between cities to save a lot of running for the quests, but now I have left the Dragon Palace behind, except that I need to return there for armor and weapon upgrades since only they have the weapons for my faction [race].

Here are some more pictures I’ve taken.

May the gods shine on your training,

– LadyFlayer