New Brothers and Sisters

DukeNuker the Jadeon

There are several brothers and sisters living in Jade Dynasty now. Our two first sisters have made it to level 55 and are working hard to reach level 60 so that they can continue their training. I’m DukeNuker, studying the way of the Jadeon. I’ve reached level 30 and am taking a break while my sisters work on their training.

Here are some photos of our travels.

My two brothers are also at level 30: LordBlades a Rayan and LordFlayer, a Balo.

LordFlayer at 30
LordBlades at 30

Our sisters have made a lot more progress. Here they are at about level 50.

LadyFlayer at 45
LadyBlades at 50

The outfits just keep getting better and better as we level up.

Our training progress is quite rapid through some levels, while at other times, we need to set our Esper on automatic and just let it grind. Of course not only do we get EXP when we do this, but we collect gold. By carefully selecting the loot we keep while we farm, we can maximize the gold that we collect. The two ladies who are working at about level 55 each have almost 100G at this point.

From level 1 through 25 or so, the training quests are quite short. We have found that it takes only about 4 hours to do this first part of our training. Near the end of this chain of training quests for Athans, we are working Konwus in the Northern part of Divine Realm.

Until we reach level 30, we need to farm. It’s best to get the DoubleEXP quest or if you are lucky, do your leveling during a DoubleEXP weekend. The Esper allows automatic farming with very little use of pots since the Elders Gift that you open each 5 levels gives you plenty of health pots and pet grapes. The spirits pots however don’t last very long, so you might want to save them for the training quests.

At level 30 you go off to Sunstream, to start another series of training quests. These work very well until about level 35 or 36, when again you need to farm to reach level 40.

The sisters are finding that this pattern repeats again in Billows as they follow training quests from 45 to 55 where they again need to farm until they reach level 60.

We find that we are making good progress and are close to being able to evolve our pets. We have been studying how to raise their grade so that we can evolve them to their more scary forms.

– DukeNuker