Computers Breaking

So, back on 6 October 2020, my main computer broke. This story is going to be complicated, so let’s call this one “Crystal”. I name my computers after the cases they are in, usually.

The verdict from the shop was the the CMOS battery was weak – replaced. And that the Ryzen 1800x CPU was bad. Good enough to run memory tests, but could not access storage. When the shop put in a Ryzen 5 CPU into the motherboard, the system ran just fine.

So I purchased some upgrades.

Rebuild Crystal

Those arrived yesterday, and I installed them and it booted fine into the Windows 10 installer USB Stick. I checked out the memtest86 for a while to make sure the system was stable, and then installed Windows 10 on the NVMe 1TB SSD with no other drives in the system. Worked just fine and surprisingly, the Windows 10 “Activated”. Now the long road to reinstall the software.

AlienStorm Failed

This morning I got up and tried to start up the Alienstorm system that I have been using since Crystal died. But Alienstorm WOULD NOT START. It’s not that it would not boot. But it would not START. No fan spin up, no lights on. There was power to the motherboard from the UPS power box, and there were lights on the motherboard, so the power supply looked like it was working. But it would not spin up and start. Not even into the BIOS.

I had a CMOS battery, which is a common CR 2032 size, so I replaced that and tried again. This time it spun up the fans for about 5 seconds and then was dead again. And it would not do that again. I drove to the store to get a couple of those 2032 batteries, since maybe mine was old. I keep batteries in the refrigerator to prolong their life. Nope. Nada with the new batteries from the shop.

I’ve been using Alienstorm since Crystal died, all day every day, no glitches, no issues. It’s been working fine. Now this morning after trying to wake it from sleep like I’ve done every morning for 3 weeks, failure.

So now Alienstorm is going to the shop. And it’s going to be a long wait since there are 40 systems ahead of mine at the shop. Sigh…