Core i7-950 System Parts

This post has been back-dated by one year to keep it off the front page of my blog.

For sale, cheap. Older system parts to build a modest or first learning system:

What’s included:

  • Intel Core i7-950 Processor
  • ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboard
  • 12GB DDR3 Memory
  • Liquid Cooler with one fan.
  • Nvidia GTX 470 Graphics Card – Still Supported by Nvidia Drivers for Windows 10.
  • System is Licensed by Microsoft for Windows 10. Experience suggests that Activation will occur automatically when system is installed and connected to internet.
  • Motherboard supports USB-3.


  • Case of your choice for ATX motherboard.
  • Power Supply suitable for the system. Suggest 500W or greater. Suggest Modular or Semi-modular power supply.
  • System Storage device. Suggest SSD 256GB or greater. Sata 2.5″ required. Prices for 500GB is about $45 on Newegg at present time.
  • Any additional SSD or HD storage devices.
  • DVD or BluRay Drive of your choice. Not required.
  • And of course, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

System can be installed and maintained using Thumbdrive storage.

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