Rescue Mini System For Sale

This is a small Thermaltake Mini-ITX case with Intel Atom D525 motherboard. This is a working system, currently running Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon. Older system suitable for hobby / learning use. Runs Linux just fine. Not suitable for Windows 10. Could use an upgrade of a small SSD rather than the slower hard drive. SSDs are pretty cheap these days and 32 or 64 GB would be plenty of space for Linux. Needs a new motherboard battery.

Used for years to show Youtube and other Media on large TV. Supports HD resolution.

For Sale: $50 – Rescue this older system to give it a good home.

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU Intel Atom D525
  • RAM -2GB DDR2
  • Graphics Nvidia GT218 [ION]
  • DVD RW Drive – compact laptop style drive.
  • HD – 250GB WD Caviar 3.5″ SATA
  • WiFi with external antennas included. Ethernet port.
  • Graphics Output: DVI, VGA. Supports HD – 1920×1080.
  • USB 2.0 – 2 Rear, 2 Front. Booting from USB Stick works fine.
  • Sound in / out.
  • Power cable and DVI monitor cable included.
  • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse not included.

Needs a new motherboard clock battery.

Here’s the Hard Drive:

BIOS Pictures

Use Numpad + and – to adjust date/time. Best to replace Clock Battery soon.

Running Linux Mint 20

Fresh install of Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon used to test system. Installed via USB stick. DVD Drive also works fine. Linux Works fine. Updated Linux via WiFi to latest.


User Test, password test, auto-login on boot.

For Sale

Placed for sale on Craigslist 20 Feb 2021. $50

Note this post was backdated by one year to keep it off the front page of blog.

Tera Latest Update

I periodically check in with games I’ve played to see how they are doing.

Tera New Launcher

So Tera got a new launcher and has a new update. Yet another new class for Elin, of course. One track mind those folks, don’t we think? Anyway.

The problem is that the update is downloading so slowly that it will take over 7 hours to get it, and I have a very fast internet connection.

And yet the download speed for Tera is 1-2 MBytes / sec, which if you convert to bits / sec is about 10-20 Mbps. What a joke. Looks like they don’t really want me to play.

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Quantum Mechanics as Evidence for Simulation

Recently I’ve been listening to more of Sean Carroll‘s lectures on the mysteries of Quantum Mechanics. I won’t summarize those arguments here so this can be a short post. I’ll include a link to a recent lecture of his so you can catch up if you like.

I want to suggest another theory for an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics that I have not heard mentioned before. I may have missed it, but it’s a new idea to me. Here goes.

What if the difficulty in the interpretation of QM called the Observer Problem is actually a simplification that makes it easier to “Program” the simulation that is our Universe. That is, what if our universe is a Simulation in the sense that Nick Bostrum proposed.

Guild Wars – A Video Game

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