UPS and USPS Working Together? A Joke.

Update: Check the end for the latest

I ordered something from NewEgg. It was a very small item – 0.28 lbs. And they shipped it for free via UPS and USPS “Innovations”.

Here are the tracking pages both from NewEgg and  From UPS. I’m sure the NewEgg page is just an automatic digest from the UPS data, so NewEgg is not the issue here. But notice the route and expected delivery date reported by UPS. What a JOKE.

So the service that UPS is using here is called USPS Innovations, which is apparently a service where UPS gets to use USPS for the “Last Mile” delivery of the package to save the UPS driver from driving to my home. No problem. But there are two nonsense things with UPS reporting of the tracking and delivery times for this service.

  1. UPS sends the package from California to near FREAKING Seattle Washington, before sending it back to me in Oregon 1/3 of the way from California to Washington. In other words, a thousand miles out of it’s way.
  2. UPS reports that it’s only going to take USPS less than a day to get it almost 400 miles from Fife, WA, near Seattle to me in Coos Bay.

So either, UPS just made a mistake about how long it would take USPS to deliver on that last mile – eh hem last 400 miles.

Or UPS is trying to look good by reporting a 3 day delivery when it’s going to be more like five days. Here’s the map from Fife, WA to my town.

SSD Tracking Map Last Day
USPS Last Mile

I don’t know if this is just an error on the part of UPS, or whether they intentionally do this to make themselves look good and USPS look bad. But come on. BTW, the USPS sorting hub is in Eugene, Oregon – you can see it on the map above. So what did UPS do here. Actually FLY my freaking 2 oz package to Seattle and then Truck it back 1000 miles to me via USPS rather then truck it to Eugene and drop it at USPS? Do my normal UPS packages go through the Seattle airport?

So, I have no expectation that the item is going to arrive today. Probably by Thursday unless USPS has some sort of bullet train service that I don’t know about between Seattle and Coos Bay.

So, UPS, at least stop making the USPS service look bad with your tracking reports. USPS is not the problem here.

Sigh…. 🙄

Update: Out for Delivery 2 Days Late of Course

Of course it’s two days late. No way to travel 400 miles in 1 day, plus it had to go through the Springfield [aka Eugene] Postal Sorting Center.

Now, on Jan 9, it’s finally out for Delivery. Whooo Hooo.

Newegg tracking used to be up to date, but now it’s up to 2 days behind they say. What an upgrade! Anyway, the Post Office knows that it’s in the car and going to be delivered. My mail arrives in the box out on the main road usually about noon. No problem.

UPS: Please figure a way to make your tracking reports more accurate. And while you’re at it, try to figure a way to drop things off to the USPS a little closer to their destination.