GitKraken shows black menus

Summary: GitKraken on Linux VirtualBox VM shows blank menus

On Linux Mint 19.3 on VirtualBox 6.0.18 VM on WIndows 10 host, GitKraken sometimes shows black menus.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install GitKraken on Linux Mint Guest using VirtualBox 6.0.18 on Windows 10 1903 host.
  2.  Observe most of the time the menus work but sometimes they show black rather than their white contents.

Expected behavior: [What you expect to happen]

Menus should work

Actual behavior: [What actually happens]

Menus are black sometimes when you need them the most. Do I have mind reader feature enabled?

Just kidding. Something is wrong.
Sure would be nice to give you a screenshot. Oh wait. I can that’s why I did this post. One sec.

Oh Wait

It’s even worse than I thought. If you left click on the file name on the right list that you tried to edit, then a white box pops up with [Save, Don’t Save, Cancel] options and your Linux VM is now locked and requires a RESET to reboot and get going again. Not just GitKraken is hung. The entire VM is stuck.


Now VM Is Hung

So the machine must be RESET at this point by using the MACHINE >> RESET option at the top of the screen on the left. Hummm Something is broken. This is easily reproducible. Just click on any modified file on the right, choose edit file and then try to figure a way to save it and when you see that box, you are hosed.

  • Windows 10 1903 host
  • VirtualBox 6.0.18
  • Linux Mint 19.3 guest



Git Confusion After a Pull

Backdated by one year to get it off the front page. Don’t know another way. Sorry.

I’m not a noob. Retired Software Engineer. Been programming since about 1968 and first used SCCS for source control. Used too many source control systems over the years to count. But I’m new to git. Only used it once before couple of years ago.

I doing a Qt project after some time off since my other projects, and found GitKraken and of course GitHub.

So this project involves 4 computers for development and debug.

  1. Win1 – Windows 10 primary development.
  2. LinVM – Linux Mint VirtualBox VM hosted on Win1.
  3. Lin1 – Mini Asrock PC running Linux Mint.
  4. Win2 – Mini GigaByte Brix running Windows 10.

Installed Qt and GitKraken on all these systems. Developed the code and committed and pushed changes from all four systems. Hey I assumed it could handle changes from everywhere, what do I know? Pulled stuff down to start work on a system for dev or test each time.

Used the same profile when setting up GitKraken on all the systems. Maybe this was an issue. Tell me if so. What do I know?

Ok enough jawboning. Here’s the issue: On Win2, after the last pull, GitKraken now shows me this:

After last pull on Win2

Normally I would expect this. As I understand it, each system is keeping a “Local git Repo” and when you do a pull, of course it should show local files are different from the local repository. The thing is, I expected the interface to show me a way to do a stage and commit to clear these. In other words

“Hey, git, accept this pull and put it in your local repository!”

But I don’t see anyway to do that. If I click on those files no “staging” or anything like it shows up.

So if I were not such a fool and was using the command line interface, what would I do? Or would git command line have fixed this up automagically, because it knew that all successful pulls should be “commited” to the local repo?

Is this a GitKraken bug? Or expected behavour? And how do I fix it and move on?

Thanks a ton.

Here’s the whole picture displayed by GitKraken. Click for a larger view.

GitKraken after last pull on Win2


Git and GitKraken seem great. Don’t want to go back to SCCS, but I’m confused.

Thanks for your help.


After Editing .gitignore and pushing that to GitHub, the condition cleared itself. Now the file shown on the right list is just .gitignore. Not clear if this is a subtlety with git or an issue with GitKraken.