Irfanview Capture Bad Cursor

Backdated by a year to keep it off the front page.

Looks like a bug in Irfanview Capture for Windows 10 Home 1903.

Left is what Irfanview got. The Right is what my phone shows. Looks like Irfanview doesn’t get the size or position of the Pointer.

Windows has a maybe new feature to increase the size of the pointer larger.

Here’s the Irfanview I’m using. Latest as of a few minutes ago.


Article 13: EU Copyright Nonsense

There are no images in this post, since that might cause an Article 13 Copyright Violation and prevent my readers in the EU from being able to see this. [Satire Intended]

In case you missed it, here is an article that summarizes Article 13. I will not quote any of the article here, since that might awaken the Copyright Dragon.

Under Article 13, the hosting service – WordPress, Youtube, Facebook, you know. Those guys? will be held libel, with big fines, for hosting any content that infringes on anybody’s copyright. So this is the “Old Guard” media companies – Movie studios, Record Labels, Newspapers, etc etc. You know who they are too. – trying to protect their last vestiges of “rights” from the Old World.

These “Old Guard” have, as Old Guards always do, missed the point of the New World. The new world is about “Exposure that Captures the Hearts and Minds”. Let me give you some examples.

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