It’s Probably a Trap – Quest Helper

It’s Probably a Trap

Part of the Stormblood expansion, this is a multi-stage quest with a fight and then a run through the city to find your friends. The problem is that there are no pointers along the way, although at some point a “curious Kojin” shows up to guide you.

Part of the issue is that you are doing this quest at Night – At least I was and I assume based on the description of the quest, that everyone does it in the dark. The only Youtube walk throughs that I found were done by first timers who didn’t go back on an Alt to show the best way. I think I’ve found the best way by scouting it out in the daylight.

So to review.

  1. You meet your fishy friend on the bridge at night.
  2. He leads you to the docks and there betrays you to the Imperial Forces. Lyse beats up the fishy friend and holds him while you and Alisaie kill the imperials. The fight is easy. Just kill them all.
  3. The Local Samurai show up and want to arrest you, but you have 9 smoke bombs.
  4. Notice as you face East away from the water up the ramp a shimmering wall on your left. It’s not a barrier. Run through it. Use a smoke bomb here if you must.
  5. Then follow the map to the East, up and over and then down in an alleyway to find your friends. You don’t need to go through the market place.

I got lost and didn’t see the message about following the Kojin until I had found my friends. So you are likely to have plenty of smoke bombs. I didn’t use them until I was trapped. That’s fine too. You don’t need to avoid being trapped.

I wrote this up to remind me for when I do it on my Alts, but you might find it useful too.