Recruiting the Realm

There is a Main Scenario quest called Recruiting The Realm.

Unlike most quests in the game, it’s not obvious how to find the folks that you need to visit. Except for Alphi, who is well marked. For the other targets, only the general areas are marked on the map, and especially in Limsa Lominsa, these folks are not trivial to find. There is a page for the quest with a list of the targets with their coordinates, but this is not that easy to use either. So what I’ve done is taken a picture of the mini-map for each of the targets.

Limsa Lominsa





I have a few more Alts to take through this quest, so I’m sure I’ll use these pics to simplify the quest. No spoilers. Enjoy the Lore and Cut Scenes for this quest. Alphi is easy to find, so he’s not included.