Be Sure and Have a Healer Job

I mentioned in a previous post about what happens at level 50 and running the Castrum and Praetorium for Ironworks Armor. And I probably mentioned that it takes 30 or more minutes to queue up for this each day because I played Red Mage or Bard, which are DPS. Well, Silly Me. Healers only wait 5 minutes for these events. Duh.

I have tank jobs, but after you run this, you see that it takes a while to learn the ropes, even as a DPS. There are apparently no shortage of tanks that want to “be in charge” to run this. If I were going to run as a tank I’d need to make a map of the place and have that on another screen. The Castrum is a flat area so that would be easy, but the Praetorium is a multi-level maze, so you really need to learn to run it. I can easily keep up as a DPS or Healer, but I’m not sure I’m up for leading. Anyway, Healer’s don’t wait very long.

Main Sequence Trials

Also, there are several Main Sequence Quest Trials, including the Whorleater (hard) and The Striking Tree (hard) that require queuing and these too benefit from your being a healer. Here are some examples of how exciting playing a healer can be.

Level a Healer Class

So, even if you want to be a Bard or Red Mage or Samurai, I suggest that you start your Conjurer (White Mage) or Arcanist (Scholar) jobs early so when you reach 50, you have a healer class ready to go.

I think the best class is Arcanist, since Summoner and Scholar level together and Summoner is one of the best solo classes. So it’s easiest to level Scholar up to level 50 by doing Fates and other things as Summoner. You just need to do the Scholar job quests as Scholar.

If you’re comfortable learning Castrum and Praetorium as a tank, then I’m sure that works too. Of course there is no issue with learning Whorl and Striking Tree as a tank. Just watch one of the Youtube guides. These are both small arenas.


Here’s what it’s like to queue as a DPS.

Waiting longer than 50 minutes is a drag. Wouldn’t you really rather be a healer? Or a tank?

Again, remember that you can gear up all  your jobs from a healer and tank since you can spend your Poetics on any gear you like when you return.

Oh. One more Thing.

As you finish your job at level 50, you are given a torso piece and a box of armor. I was confused by the text on this box and so just put it away. I thought it must be a duplicate or something. Turns out, it’s not. It is a complete set of higher level armor.

What you get from the Level 45 to Level 50 quests for a job are item level 55 gear. But what you get in the chest is item level 90. The box says something about it can’t work in PVP or Instance areas. This does not apply to the Armor, it just means that you can’t open the BOX in Pvp or Instances. So open the box and put it on. It looks a little different and it’s a WHOLE LOT BETTER. Sigh. I just put it away for doing Glamour someday.

Here’s the robe for scholar.


There is a mention that  you can also buy this gear from a Calamity Salvager if you lose it for some reason. But I’ve not checked that out.

The wiki’s have not been updated since the game changed. At least some of them. Here is one of these level 50 job quests for Scholar. Notice the quest reward talks about two robes. Well it’s not two robes, but a robe [ilvl 55] and a box with all gear at ilvl 90. All the job quests are like this. The box description does not say ilvl 90 gear. It acts like it’s a duplicate of what you already have. Be sure and open those boxes.