Don’t Forget Achievement Points

As you level up, and get your achievements, you get the opportunity to purchase some goodies including a sweet mount – at least I think so – and some minions and Barding for your Chocobo. By the time you get to 40-50, you’ll have enough for the mount and a minion or two. To cash in on your Achievement Certificates for the sweet rewards, see Jonathas in Old Gridania. If you are interested in Barding, look carefully before you purchase. There are some, IMHO, dumb choices like the Black Mage barding where the Chocobo is wearing a really dumb looking hat. I particularity like the Wild Rose Barding pictured below. It’s colorful and stylish rather than grotesque.

There are lots of choices for cute minions too, and based on the Wiki pages, it looks like some minions in this game actually help you fight. I have yet to see that happen, but I keep an eye out.

The Magitek Death Claw mount is actually quite nice and only costs 6 Achieve Certs, which is about 300 Achievement points. BTW, you don’t lose your points when you spend the certs. It keeps track of which points you’ve spent, but doesn’t reduce your total. Anyway, I like the mount because it’s smaller than many of the other mounts so it’s less in your way of seeing where you are going. It does make an annoying buzz while flying. And someday in a higher level area, I’m hoping it does actually fly. We’ll see.

Yes, I admit that it looks strange to be hanging from your shoulder blades under the mount. But honestly, it doesn’t hurt a bit and the ride is quite smooth.