Samurai is Great Fun But Hard to Master

After trying Red Mage yesterday, I tried Samurai today.

I had my Bard up to level 50 and so I went to Ul’dah and signed up to be a Samurai. So the first couple of quests are not that bad. After a little training with your master, some guys show up with a grudge and while the low level guys are no problem, it takes a little while to take down the big guy. No big deal as long as you avoid his attacks.

In general though, compared with the Red Mage, I’d say the Samurai is probably the most complicated class I’ve ever seen in a video game, and I’ve played a few, as you may notice on this website.

First of all, the sheer number of skills is daunting. And at level 52 or something you get 3 gauges that show your “Sen” which has three types. And then there is some kind of power measured by the sword gauge below then Sen gauges. And the sword gauge when it loads up never appears to time out unless it’s used, which is unlike any gauge I’ve seen before. I was hanging around for many minutes waiting on a Duty and the 40 stayed in the gauge the whole time.

But while the skills are very complex, and no doubt take a lot of time to master, they are quite easy to get started with and do some real damage. So don’t be put off by the complexity. Dive right in, as I have, and have some fun. I went to a level 35-45 area and cut up some Fates to get started. And I was able to do my Daily Roulette dungeon without cutting my ear off or anything.

I look forward to learning more about this class.