Red Mage – Very Interesting

If you  have purchased the Stormblood expansion, and you have reached level 50 with any class, you can talk to a Distraught Lass in Ul’dah to become a Red Mage. I just tried it. Very interesting. The first couple of quests are easy. Actually the first quest is just watching your mentor deal with a few bad guys. Then you dress up in Red Mage gear and help him with some other bad guys. Even though the above monster looks scary, you have help and your new skills to wear him down. Just stay to the side and avoid his attacks.

Unlike the Black Mage, which is just a new coat of paint on a Thaumaturge class, the Red Mage is really a new class with a new weapon and some pretty cool skills. The Red Mage is a magic wielding fencer with a Rapier weapon. I’ve just started, so I’m still figuring out which skills to use in a rotation. but one of the coolest skills, Scatter, seems to be an AOE on a pretty fast cool-down. We’ll see.

In other news, the Bard is now level 50, with a sweet new set of Armor and a nice bow from the Market Board for a reasonable price.