A Realm Reborn Last Main Quests

I’ve completed the last Main Scenario Quests for the base FFXIV game – A Realm Reborn. No spoilers, but I will mention that you need not be intimidated by these quests as you approach them. Once you are level 50, and have the decent gear from quests or merchants, you should have no problem completing them.

“Escape from Centri” is the last challenging quest that you’ll encounter. You should read the guide for this one, and maybe watch a Youtube video since there are some items that are hidden that you need to find to complete the scenario. But once you see where they are, completing the quest should be no problem.

The remainder of the quests, especially the Trial and Dungeons are more “Arcade Games” then real challenges.

One important note though. In the last dungeon – “The Praetorium” – you need to talk to the ID Card Reader across from the first lift before you take the lift. And stay close with the group since they will run by mobs without fighting them. Catching up can be a pain involving holding OK and then using a shortcut portal.

These last two dungeons are the first time you’ll see Full Parties where there are 2 tanks, 2 healers and 4 DPS members. I did have to wait more than 20 minutes on a Monday afternoon to do these, but you may have an easier time on the weekend.

I think most of the folks doing these quests are folks repeating them to farm Allagan Tomestone of Poetics  since they are currency for sweet armor and other gear. Unfortunately for them, the time is mostly spent in Cut Scenes, which can’t be skipped, and which must get very boring the 20th or 30th time you’ve seen them while farming Poetics.

Have a great time with these last quests of A Realm Reborn.