Level Scaling? Not a Fan.


I’ve been playing the PTR [ Public Test Realm] to see what Level Scaling looks like. So far I’m not a fan. Update below.

It’s a real drag.
Classes do better that have self heal – Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Warlock, Demon Hunter obviously. Mages are going to be at a disadvantage with no good tank pet and no self heal. Shaman and Balance Druid are under powered and will do a lot of self healing. With their pet, Hunters are fine in 10-20 areas that I’ve tried.

Priest and Paladin and Warlock do all right, but it’s a real drag. Lots of healing of course. Each major quest gets you 7.5% of a level. And higher repair bills too. Why isn’t repair gone or zero cost? The problem with it taking longer to kill mobs is that they have time to gang up on you.

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New Elin Gunner

During the Introduction Event you get a 14 day pink costume and gun skin. Here are some examples of early armor. Looks a lot like the Castanic / High Elf skins we are used to.

Don’t worry, she’s overpowered like previous gunners.

I usually run around on my mount to round up some mobs and then blow them all away with Burst Fire, which gets charged up as you kill the mobs.

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