New Receiver from Denon

de_ avr_s930h_e3_ar_lo.png

The new AVR – Audio Video Receiver – has arrived. Works great.

The choice is the Denon AVR S930H – All the video support and way more Audio support than I need. My speakers are only 5.1 and this one supports 7.2 or as they are saying these days 5.2.2. But I needed this level of support to get HDR10 / Dolby Vision which my TV supports.



An Oppo UDP 203 4K BluRay Player will probably be added in a couple of months to finish the AV system upgrade.


Where are the Smart Bosses?

[I don’t have pictures from the Antorus fight, but here are some pictures from Dungeons I’ve played in Wow. ] I saw this article in PC Gamer today.

It sounds like he must have been wearing a diaper, but never the less, that’s a lot of work.

In World of Warcraft, players are often willing to go to extremes just to say they’ve done it. Some might spend all their time grinding out hard to get achievements while others will run a raid boss hundreds of times in hopes of getting some rare loot. But Rextroy is of a higher caliber. He beat the first raid boss of Antorus, The Burning Throne all by himself—and it only took him a measly eight hours. His reward? I’m not sure exactly. Bragging rights? I guess?

You can watch the whole video here. It’s been compressed to about 13 minutes. You may want to watch the first few minutes and then skip to near the end to see him hiding in the pool to avoid the huge AOE attack that is supposed to challenge a Raid group of 10-15 players.

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Armored Faucet Lines



A previous post talked about rodent damage to the kitchen faucet. Now, the Faucet lines are armored with Stainless Mesh. I thought about using two layers, but this mesh is so strong I don’t think that’s necessary. It’s pushed up tight against the counter top and held on with a pair of cable ties at each end. No place for pesky rodents to get their teeth into the faucet lines now.

No way to armor the line to the spray, but that can be replaced. The wisdom on this problem is that the rodent’s only chew lines that actually have water in them. They can probably sense the difference in temperature of the lines. After all, they are just after a drink.


Marantz – The Real Issue

Crys_00100I think I’ve found the issue. EDID.

The EDID or Extended Display Identification Data is a packet of information sent from a monitor or TV to the source of the video and tells the source what types of video the display can process.

Imagine for a moment that we have a receiver from 2013 – pre 4K – that contains an HDMI switch. Now imagine that one buys almost any TV today – almost all of them support 4K. Now imagine that one purchases something that produces video – BluRay player, XBox Console, Playstation, even a modern set top box. Most of these support 4K video.

So what happens if the EDID from the 4K TV passes unchanged through the NR1504 from 2013 to the video source that can produce 4K? Well the source happily produces 4K video and the NR1504 cannot pass it. Black screen? Apparently.

Was the Marantz 1504 never modifying the EDID? Or did it just start not modifying the EDID? Or did the Linux computer get a new driver that was willing to produce 4K video?

I hooked up an HD monitor to the NR1504 and hooked the Linux box back up to the Media input and voila. Everything works fine, of course.

It seems clear that in this world of ubiquitous 4K sources and displays, the Marantz NR1504 needs to be modifying the EDID or producing one of it’s own to continue to work.

I’ve used the display settings in Linux to use HD only and that works fine with the TV, but when I plugged it back into the NR1504 it still didn’t work. Oh well. Time for a new Receiver that gets 4K. But at least I can use the Linux system by plugging it directly into the TV and setting it to HD.


Take an Uber Bird

The Uber Bird service, widely known as Chocobo Porters, are present in every city and most outposts. I recommend that you sign up at every one you see, so that you can return to them. These bird-rides are like Smart Cars, which we don’t have yet. They are at least as quick as running on your own mount, but you don’t have to steer, or worry about getting hit as you pass the bad guys.

Uber birds are most convenient as a way to return to the nearest major city. As a side benefit you can watch the scenery go by without worrying about hitting any obstacles or other players.


Marantz – Watch Out for Updates!

Marantz NR1504

I’ve had a Marantz NR1504 for a couple of years at least. As you can see, it was released in 2013 and is no longer made – according to Marantz Tech Support.

My Marantz NR1504 Receiver recently took an update over the internet. Automatically. And the next time my Linux Mint System booted, the receiver refused to pass video from the Linux system. Dish Hopper and Sony Bluray player work fine. I thought the problem was the Linux Kernel Update that I’d done, so I pulled the machine out of the Entertainment system and attached another monitor to it thinking that I would need to re-install Linux Mint 18.2, but it came up fine with the other monitor. Also, I’ve swapped HDMI cable and used other Receiver input ports, and when the Linux system is attached directly to the Vizio Pseries TV, it works fine, in FREAKING 4K no less. Of course the NR1504 only supports HD, not 4K. In 4K the print is so small on my 65″ TV that I can barely see it. But it works fine and Youtube is also fine.

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Linux Kernel Crash – Need to Back Out




I accepted a software update of the kernel on my LM 18.2 system, and now it won’t boot. Probably someone rushed out a SpecterMelt fix or something. Anyway, I need to back out these kernels later than 4.4.0-98 so they aren’t boot options. If I restart now I need to go through grub advanced options to get system started.

How do I back out these recent kernels?

Update: Use the Update Manager > View > Linux Kernels to choose which ones you want and you can back them out.

Update Update: Not a crash at all. Linux was fine. The Marantz NR1504 took an update that blacked the screen. Linux works fine to other monitors and the 4K TV without problems on the latest kernel.


Why Do My Toes Drag?


My toes are dragging. My little Lalafell has no trouble with this Carbuncle mount, but anybody else is too big for this mount.  These mounts are very nice, and it’s great that they glow. But, all the other mounts come in several sizes to fit the races. Looks like three sizes based on what we recently saw with the Holiday Bears.


The Lalafel on the left and the Au Ra on the right both fit their bears.

Also notice how these Chocobo mounts fit their riders:


The shot in the barn shows me riding the largest one since I’m Au Ra, and the fellow next to me is a Lalafell with his mount out as a companion. Looks like the little mount is about 1/2 the size of the large one.

And this wolf mount with a Lalafell rider came in some other size for a larger race. And, notice how the Carbuncle does fit the Lalafell rider.



Wonder if they will fix the Carbuncle Mount to fit all races.


Player Housing?


Here is a visit to The Goblet, outside of Limsa Lominsa. You visit any of the residential areas with a quest at level 5 called “Where the Heart Is”

Currently, player housing in FFXIV is a “Fixed” resource. This is odd, since nothing that is virtual need be limited.  In FFXIV, as you enter a residential area, you are presented with a panel with a number of “Wards”, each the same with the same layout and same houses. These are instances of the Ward and constitute the fixed resource. It also in some sense breaks the immersion experience of visiting housing, since one is aware of the fixed and overlapping nature of the housing by seeing this panel.

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