Wow – Water Strider Mount

Hurray! I started Fishing on 18 September and I finally have my Water Strider mount. If you do this, be sure and buy the enhancement from Nat Pagel at Revered that boosts your rep gain by 100%. Makes the last climb take 1/2 as long.

That last fish was a doozie. I suggest you wait until you are 90 and can fly in Pandaria to do this grind. Makes flying around the area each day much easier. And it makes it easier to clobber that big fish too. When you get the quest to Jump the Shark, be sure and look up the quest on wowhead to see how to do it. The good news is that I put two levels on this character while I did this grind. So I’m 92 now and ready to go to Draenor. Should be easy. Although I’ve taken a hunter into Draenor at 90 and it was fine.

Cheers, and good luck with your fishing.