Guild Wars – Red Iris Farming

Red Iris are good for something

Red Iris Flowers are seen often in Pre-Searing Guild Wars. Ok. Sure. What am I doing playing Guild Wars again? After all this time? After all, it came out in 2005. Well I’m showing a friend, and having some nostalgia time too. Back in the day, I rushed through Pre-Searing to get on with the game. Well to show my friend, I made another Pre-Searing character. Someone helped me go to NorthLands hunting Charr Bags – the only way to get bags in pre-searing – and we killed a few bosses there and I got a rare Charr Identification Kit that sells to other players for 10K. That is 10 Platinum or 10,000 gold. So I was able to buy my friend and me each 2 10 slot charr bags for 750G each and have lots of Gold left over.

Then I discovered what Red Iris Flowers are for. The only way to get the Equipment Bag in Pre-Searing. So I figured I’d farm those Red Iris flowers. I’d been collecting them but didn’t realize that I should have saved them rather than selling them to the merchant. Well it turns out that it’s easy to farm them.

To farm them head to Ashford Abby and then leave, in my case with my pet. We aren’t going to fight anything if we can help it. Just keep running.


When you leave Ashford, not into the Catacombs, but into the fields to the East, first run North and hold down the ALT key until you see Red Iris Flower pop up. You probably won’t have to go as far as this path shows. Watch to the East too since they appear in the field with the Plains Worms as well as sometimes as far North as beyond the hill.


While holding ALT, you’ll see the flowers popup when you are about 2-3 times the aggro range from them. Remember that Guild Wars has Autopathing, which they have left out of Guild Wars 2. So when you see one, click on the name and you will run to it and automatically pick it up.

GW1_2017_02_13_22_48_53_564x.jpgAfter running North and finding one flower, then run South toward the village and look. You’ll see another one there too. There are apparently only two that spawn each time. You may have to run beyond the hill to the North to find the one up there and you may not run back all the way to town. Sooooo After collecting your flowers, either one or two of them. Just Resign. Type /resign into chat.


No Biggie. No penalty. Just beats walking all the way back to town.

After a few minutes, you’ll have your flowers and you can go find Professor Yakkingtown to get your equipment pack. He’s the Yak, not the fellow with the Yak. He doesn’t have anything much to say until you have the flowers with you.

Professor Yak and his human friend are hidden in a secret garden around the corner from Fort Ranik.


When you cross the stream, look behind the bushes for the entrance to the valley. It’s a secret, remember?


It only takes 40-45 minutes to get your 50 flowers so you can have your equipment pack or your headgear. Personally, the headgear doesn’t look worth the trouble. It’s only 2 more Armor and one more attribute point. Unless you are going to stay Pre-Searing forever, just move on.


Guild Wars is still fun after all these years. Pricey tho. $29.99 for the Trilogy pack and another $19.99 for Eye of the North. $50 for a eleven year old game? Plus money for more toon slots and bank slots? No subscription fee tho.

This was the second video game I played. I started with 2Moons – a Dekaron clone and then picked up Guild Wars.