Guild Wars – Red Iris Farming

Red Iris are good for something

Red Iris Flowers are seen often in Pre-Searing Guild Wars. Ok. Sure. What am I doing playing Guild Wars again? After all this time? After all, it came out in 2005. Well I’m showing a friend, and having some nostalgia time too. Back in the day, I rushed through Pre-Searing to get on with the game. Well to show my friend, I made another Pre-Searing character. Someone helped me go to NorthLands hunting Charr Bags – the only way to get bags in pre-searing – and we killed a few bosses there and I got a rare Charr Identification Kit that sells to other players for 10K. That is 10 Platinum or 10,000 gold. So I was able to buy my friend and me each 2 10 slot charr bags for 750G each and have lots of Gold left over.

Then I discovered what Red Iris Flowers are for. The only way to get the Equipment Bag in Pre-Searing. So I figured I’d farm those Red Iris flowers. I’d been collecting them but didn’t realize that I should have saved them rather than selling them to the merchant. Well it turns out that it’s easy to farm them.

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