Guild Wars 2 – Bloodstone Fen

From Zealot’s Overlook

Bloodstone Fen is a new map in Living World Season 3. I don’t want to spoil it, I just want to encourage you to start that story if you have had bad experiences with previous Heart of Thorns content. This is more fun, and a lot more exciting.  No one picture can do this place justice.

For the moment, we are taking a break from the Dragons, and from Gravity.


Half the zone is a huge crater filled with updrafts and ley lines for gliding. The other half is a jungle full of nasty White Mantle. Sound like fun?


Don’t let that intimidate you. Work Tangled Depths, and Dragon’s Stand until you have Updrafts, Leyline Gliding, Bouncing Mushrooms and then start the story. I died quite a few times in the story, but the NPCs revive you. In the last part working toward Caudecus, you need to read the story walk through, since you need to use a new skill you pick up along the way called Counter Magic. The walk through is pretty clear on how to use it, but I was pretty frustrated when I started that story part without knowing that part. Make sure you read the walk through for “Confessor’s Stronghold” in the storyline.

Goodies to Collect

There are not that many items to collect in this zone.

I did the achievements for the three books, which gives you an item that consumes Bloodstone Dust and Dragonite Ore, both of which we all have trouble getting rid of. This little item eats those up, a little each day.


There is a Blood Ruby backpack for 200 blood rubies and 5000 unbound magic. You’ll find Blood Rubies are very difficult to collect. Unbound magic at that level may only take 3 or 4 days. Personally I’m not into backpacks. I craft mine and hide them so I don’t care what they look like. To each his own. But this backpack does say you worked for a week in this area.


I’d rather have the Jade Construct Mini personally. After two days, the story and farming today, I have 2700 unbound magic. One more day and I should have the 3750 unbound magic and I’m done with this area. It’s been fun, but time to move on to the next area in the LWS3. There are two other mini’s to choose from, but I don’t like flapping one, and a ghostly Justiciar just isn’t that exciting.

So when you get the Masteries you need, I encourage you to do the story and enjoy this area. I was bored with Dragon’s Stand and Tangled Depths was getting tedious. After a couple of those Chak weapons, I’m ready to move on.