GW2 – Origins of Tyrian Races


My name is Malakai Laplante, and I am an anthropologist and evolutionary biologist. Here in Divinity’s Reach, I have finally completed over 15 years of research on the origins of the Tyrian Races and I would like to present my preliminary results.

Let me start by saying that my results do not intend to contradict any of the accepted histories laid down before me, but rather to fill in some gaps and origins of the races of Tyria. I have started my work based on the well known Timeline of Tyrian history, but expanded that information with biological data and some archeological findings of colleagues.

Let us start by reviewing what the analysis of the genomes of the races of Tyria tell us. The sciences of Biochemistry and Genomics have become quite advanced in recent years and while it takes long and painstaking work to study the genetic material, or to produce significant, although as still incomplete sequences of that material, we have made great strides.

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