Guild Wars – Gold Farming

Gold Farming Route

There are a few rules if you want to gold farm in Guild Wars. These are completely different from the rules in Guild Wars 2.

First you need to remember that the drops are divided among the members of the party, even heroes and mercenaries. So, the fewer members of the party there are, the better. There are “leechers” which are members of the party that stay far away from the action, and allegedly improve the drops. But they aren’t helping you kill mobs. So if you are solo farming, they aren’t useful. Do you have friends who don’t want to play, just stand around?

Second, you can employ pets and spirit helpers with no loot penalty. So a Ranger / Ritualist or a Ritualist/ Ranger seems like a good build to use for solo farming. Here’s the build that I use.


Update: What you really want to do however, if you are level 20 with strong heroes, is vanquish the area in hard mode. See below. But back to our story in Normal Mode.

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WiFi Enabled Stuff – What a Crockpot

WiFi Crockpot for $30

So Walmart had their WiFi crockpots on sale for $30. Seems like they are getting rid of them. Reviews on Walmart’s website shows that they have problems – mostly connecting.

But think about this. A Crockpot is a reasonable price at $30, so the WiFi stuff is all free. That means that WiFi control, and the little ARM SOC [System on a chip] that it takes to do this is pretty cheap too. And that’s probably right. After all, low end smart phones are $30. And this application has no battery and no large screen.


Looks like some folks are selling this WiFi Crockpot for a lot more.

And here’s the App on the PlayStore.


But what about my Pellet Stove, which costs about 100 TIMEs what this crockpot does. Yep, pellet stoves are about $3000. So doesn’t my Pellet Stove deserve a WiFi enabled computer controlling it. Ok, so my Pellet stove was designed about 10 years ago and it has a really dumb controller.

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Guild Wars – Red Iris Farming

Red Iris are good for something

Red Iris Flowers are seen often in Pre-Searing Guild Wars. Ok. Sure. What am I doing playing Guild Wars again? After all this time? After all, it came out in 2005. Well I’m showing a friend, and having some nostalgia time too. Back in the day, I rushed through Pre-Searing to get on with the game. Well to show my friend, I made another Pre-Searing character. Someone helped me go to NorthLands hunting Charr Bags – the only way to get bags in pre-searing – and we killed a few bosses there and I got a rare Charr Identification Kit that sells to other players for 10K. That is 10 Platinum or 10,000 gold. So I was able to buy my friend and me each 2 10 slot charr bags for 750G each and have lots of Gold left over.

Then I discovered what Red Iris Flowers are for. The only way to get the Equipment Bag in Pre-Searing. So I figured I’d farm those Red Iris flowers. I’d been collecting them but didn’t realize that I should have saved them rather than selling them to the merchant. Well it turns out that it’s easy to farm them.

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