Guild Wars 2 – Leystone Light Armor

Well that wasn’t as hard as I expected. One Meta-Event run this morning and I completed my Leystone Light Armor – except for the helm.

As it turns out, after the Meta Event, Noxious Pods show up in all the camps, and the Way Points are active, so you can port between them and collect more than 20 pods for about 40 Crystalline Ore. This morning in one run, I got a Leystone Boot Box and enough Ore to buy Gloves. So with what I got yesterday, I now have a complete set except for the helm.

Here are some shots of where the Noxious Pods are around the camp, for an example. They are not that hard to find if you hold the CTRL key down while you pan around.

Holding the CTRL key down lights up the names so you can see them. Be sure and walk outside the camp for a few yards in any direction to find more pods.

Here’s the armor in the Login Screen.

So don’t be intimidated with the large numbers of ore needed. If you do a few events and collect pods it won’t take very long to get your armor. I need to collect a Medium set. My Female Ranger looks pretty good in Leystone, as long as she uses some other pants. Now back to Carapace Armor collecting.

Actually, she looks pretty hot in Carapace armor with a Viper’s Skirt from the Gem Store.

Somehow, Leystone Armor on a girl just doesn’t look that nice. That skirt is way too dorky.

But here she is with just Leystone shoulders and gloves:

So both the Carapace Armor or Just the Leystone Shoulders / Gloves are great.

For my male Ranger, Leystone looks pretty great. Here’s what he looks like now in Mistwalker.

I like the bad-ass skull on the shoulder and the trappings across the chest. But the coat is very long and heavy. Leystone looks like this:

The coat is much shorter and the boots are better for this set with a lower panel over the knee. So pretty much the whole set for the guy. The previous post on Hunting Armor shows this Ranger with Carapace Armor. That’s a tough choice, but I think I’ll go with the animation of Leystone when I get it.