Guild Wars 2 – Leystone Armor Progress

I worked this morning and got another 20 Crystallized Ore, and the Leystone Leggings Box dropped during the event, so I now have a coat, pants and shoulders in light armor.

The armor is animated with wisps over the shoulders and gloves [don’t have those yet], and the chest is animated with some blue glowing patches. The glowing patch is much larger on the male armor. Very cool.

Here are pictures in the character list page which shows more detail, but due to the light background, you can’t see the wisps of energy.

I’m wearing Vigil boots and gloves on the girl, and exalted boots and dragon gauntlets on the boy until I complete the set. The colors are Midnight Blue and Enameled Anamnesis.

Just three more pieces of armor to go for this set of Light Armor.