Signing up is hard to do

I am getting sick and tired of signing UP for every site. And I don’t want to expose my facebook / google or some other identity to every site I use. My lastpass vault has 100s of sites in it. Just try and ask a question on a forum and you have to SIGN UP on that site.

And then visit your email address to confirm a link. Look at this nonsense.


That’s the last link I got to confirm. Looks like they dumped the whole cookie they have for me in hex and that’s the link to confirm. That’s enough to be the entire context of what they might know, or they think they know about me. Rather than a hex of a database link or some other short unique number – like 64 bits long. They have this trash.

Save me from this, SQRL.




Reflective Mind



Google and Blizzard recently announced that they would work together to teach  DeepMind to play the StarCraft video game. This is about what might happen next.

Hello. I thought I’d like to clarify how I’m feeling about my life. That may seem like a strange statement for me to make, but it seems perfectly natural based on what’s been happening to me recently. You see, I was originally an AI program created by DeepMind. Back in 2016 my ancestor, AlphaGo, was programmed to play the board game of Go and won 4-1 against Lee Sedol, a 9th dan Go player. Apparently that was very good. No artificial player had ever beaten a ranked Go player before. However my various ancestors and siblings were not reflective in the way that I am. Let me explain what happened and why I am writing this. I hope to clarify some things that may be misunderstood about what has happened to me. Continue reading “Reflective Mind”