Guild Wars 2 – Hunting Armor

Mistward Plate

My Revenant now has her Mistward Plate armor. And since she has completed her Hearld Elite Specialty, she has her unique Hearld Paldron as well. Now it’s time to see what other armor types to collect. While playing Living World Season 2, the merchants are selling Carapace Armor in the Silver Wastes. In Heart of Thorns in Dragon’s Stand, you find merchants selling Ley Line Armor. These each have their own challenges to collect.

Story segments completed by some toons have yielded a Ley Line Coat box and a Carapace Coat Box. So there are only 5 pieces remaining for these two sets – at least for one of the three types.

Ley Line Armor has a very nice energy animation rising from the gloves and shoulders. I think this armor looks best in the light style as you can see here.

This armor doesn’t look quite as nice in Medium and Heavy styles, or on male characters. Those blue wisps are animated.

However, Carapace armor looks very nice in Medium style.

As it happens, my Ranger is hunting in Dragon Stand and will collect the mats for Ley Line Armor and another Ranger and Necro will collect Bandit Badges for Carapace Armor. First, the Carapace Armor.

Carapace Armor Vendor

I have yet to complete the story step to collect the Carapace Leggings Box, but I have already collected the Coat Box. So only about 4000 more badges to go. It looks like grinding events in Silver Wastes, especially the Vinewrath Mega Event, gets about 400 badges per day so that won’t take very long.

The Ley Line armor is much harder to collect.

Ley Line Armor Vendor


As you can see, I have a long way to go. I do have all the mats, except the Ore for the entire set. These Ore are only obtained from Noxious Pods using Machetes to collect them. There are not that many pods and the areas where they are found are filled with dangerous Mordrem. So. Looks like I can grind the events in Dragon Stand and collect only about 40 ore per day.

Noxious Pods

The pods are hard to see as you can tell from this photo of one. So use CTRL to like up their names. Once you collect them with a machete, they look like this.

Collected Pod

As you do the mega events in Dragon Stand, there are pods around each place you finish clearing, so take your machetes with you. As it turns out, you get plenty as rewards from the events. I’m not having trouble running out of machetes. But you are going to need to stay with your group. Wandering off and finding a pack of Mordrem on your own is a bad idea.

In case you were wondering, the previous currencies – Airship Parts, Arillium, and  Ley Line Crystals – are collected in the previous areas of the maps and are quite plentiful. It’s only Crystalline Ore that is hard to collect. Each type of container has it’s own “opener” – Crowbar for Airship box,  Exalted Key for Exalted Chest and Chak Acid for Chak Stash for the Ley Line Crystals. But all these currency items are also delivered as rewards for the events, so a few hours of grinding events gets all you need for a set of armor.

Wherever you are working in HoT, one of the things that you will want to do is stock up on Salvage Kits. I use Basic for Master and below and Master Kits for Rare. There is a new feature that allows Mass Salvage and you will want to use that feature. Right click on a salvage kit to bring it up.

Mass Salvage Interface

Chew it all up at once. You are going to need to stop frequently during the mega events to salvage and send your stuff back to the bank.  Your bags are going to fill up over and over during the events.


I run with three 15 slot bags and a 20 slot invisible bag to save things that I don’t want to risk losing.

Another recent thing that’s happened is that some of my toons have reached their 4th birthday. So there’s a package in the mail with a dye pack and some other things. Basically they want to encourage you to make even more toons, so there is a scroll for an instant level to 40. The game only really starts at level 80 and even without that scroll it’s not that hard to get to level 80. But as you can see, there’s plenty to do at level 80, like collecting new armor sets.

Good Hunting