Windows 10 Update is Unkind with Bandwidth

Windows 10

Windows 10 Update takes no account of whether you want to use the computer. It just downloads the updates and you have no control. Here’s an example.

My daughter and I frequently visit over a VPN – from – and we are both on Windows 10. Today when we set up the connection, and began talking on Mumble, our voices began breaking up and the other communications were under severe stress.

After quite a bit of investigation with Task Manager, and Resource Monitor we found connections from a windows service to an unknown IP address. The ports used to connect to this address were 80 and 443, which indicates that the connections were HTTP protocol. As it turns out, one of the services provided by this address is Windows Update.

WhoIs that Funny IP Address?

As you can see, this address seems to be a server for Windows Update.

While this was running, we tried to go to the Windows Update settings and use “Pause” to stop, or re-schedule the update download. We could find no way to do this. Perhaps there is one, but it’s hidden well.

So Windows 10 appears to take the attitude that whatever it wants to do is more important that whatever you might want to do.

Just to review, we were using a VPN to connect our networks over an encrypted connection, so this Windows update traffic was going in and out of my network twice on the way back to her system. Clearly not optimal since bandwidth was limited by the upload speed of my network.

Sure would be nice if Windows allowed more control of Windows Update, or any other network functions, that it requires.