Tera – Ninja and Other Changes

Ninja Class

The Ninja class  has finally arrived as of the May 17, 2016 Patch. Another race / gender locked class and the second one for the Elin lovers out there. And the forth in a series of Over Powered classes.

In spite of the cloth armor she wears, she’s a bad-ass DPS dealer. Mostly this is because, like the brawler, once she gets started, it’s easy to keep the target[s] from getting a spell in edgewise or any other wise. Like the Brawler before her, many Ninja spells elevate and silence the target[s] doing very effective crowd control on all but the bosses.

Way Too Cute

After being away for almost two months, I came back to Tera about a week after Ninja was released, and things calmed down a little, to she how she plays and to see how other things level, so I have almost finished leveling a Zerker as well as finishing the Ninja and a Brawler who was at about 40 to 65. Here are my thoughts on the current state of Tera.

Update at bottom: How to level 60 – 65.

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