Boogie Board – Not What You Think

My Paper Problem

Recently I’ve been playing a game where I really need two monitors, but I don’t have two monitors. So I’ve been reduced to writing down notes on slips of paper. Here you can see how those slips have been piling up. Most have something on both sides.

Well on a shopping trip to WalMart I saw a Boogie Board, but they could not find it to sell it to me. The Walmart inventory said there were 21 in stock, but the sales person could not find them. Boggie Board is only about $25, although the price varies widely. But I came home and found one on-line and ordered it for the same price.

Updated: see below

Boogie Board

The Boogie Board is a quite large, 8 1/2 inch diagonal, LCD scribble pad. Some newer versions can transfer the image to your smart phone. The Walmart version did not mention Android, but only iPhone.

The one I found on The Open Box Store does not have the transfer capability. But solves my problem quite nicely.

I’m really waiting for a cheap device – Less than $50 – that:

  • Uses e-paper so it is high contrast. This size is just right and the resolution is ok, but the contrast is very low.
  • A place to hold the pen. I had to tie a string to the pen so it wouldn’t get lost and use some velcro to stick it on.
  • A replaceable battery. The battery is not replaceable on this unit. Not sure how long it will last. Maybe long enough to be replaced with one with all these features.
  • iPhone and Android support to save an image of the screen to an app and then to my photos upload.

But I’m done having slips of paper everywhere.

Updated: 4 May 2016 – I found the newer version at Walmart and it has some better features for the very reasonable $24.99 price.

Better Version

This one has several better features. Apparently it has a blue-tooth radio since it mentions an iPhone app. There is an Android app too in the Playstore, but alas, it says it’s incompatible with my ASUS Transformer TF300. It mentions something about “No Carrier”, which seems like a mistake since why would it need a carrier when there is a perfectly good WiFi connection.

But in addition to the radio to save images, it also has:

  • A slot for a replaceable battery which is held in place by a little screw the size that holds your glasses together.
  • And it comes with a slot to hold the pen and the pen can be placed in the slot to act as a stand to hold it on it’s side at an angle. I still tied a thread to the pen to make sure I don’t lose it tho.
  • The contrast is better than the other model as well.

I look forward to using an updated application.