Dragon Wars

Cataclysm-deathwing-world-of-warcraft.jpgThe weakened and bloodied Red Oracle Dragon flew off after the latest battle and called cynically over it’s shoulder, “You won this battle, but your Open Sorcery is now tainted! I shall return!”.
The battle had been going on for decades. The Red Oracle Dragon and the Green Google Dragon fighting over the Sorcery of the Java. This magic had once been powerful, but now even this powerful magic was leaking away into the ether. Once it was seen as a saving force for good and a powerful influence that would consolidate the power of it’s creator, the Yellow Sun Dragon. At the time, the power of the Yellow dragon was fading. It’s Solaris and Server Magic was fading, as all magic powers do in time.

The world was moving on to the great Intel Blue Dragon and the Yellow force of the Solaris magic was no long powerful enough. But the Java Magic was seen as a force that might control this loss of influence, since the Java magic was Crystal Color Independent. The Java Magic would draw power from any color of magic chips, since it’s power was Interpreted by the color of crystal that was nearby. Using this multi-color magic was seen as the way to revitalize the magic of the Yellow Dragon. Continue reading “Dragon Wars”

Unavailable Items?

Many Items are No Longer Available

World of Warcraft is notorious for this. Making items “no longer available” in the game.

Why should an item become “no longer available”?

The item must be kept in the client forever. Yes FOREVER, since some players will have the items and they must be displayed or otherwise operate correctly when they are used.

If an item is truly “removed” from the game, it must be replaced by something of equal value and there must be an overwhelming reason to remove it. I’m having a very hard time thinking of a reason that would call for an item to be permanently removed from the game.


Removing an item is not the same as changing it. If a weapon or armor piece or set is too powerful, or too weak, then one can easily change the stats on it to make it more in line with the play styles of the game. This is done all the time.

Here are some of the Excuses that game designers have used to remove items from the game, and the reasons that none of them hold up.

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Flying Mounts – Why Dumb Them Down?

Windrider over Orgrimmar

In January 2007, Blizzard released World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. This expansion included flying mounts in Outland. You had to reach level 60 to purchase flight training and a mount. You could only fly in Outland, the new continent. In the Cataclysm expansion flight was possible in all areas, except the starting areas.

Now, after all this time, other MMOs are adding flying. Guild Wars 2, in Heart of Thorns, has added flight, well Gliding actually, where you can glide in the whole world, but only for a limited distance.

In a few  days on May 17, 2016, Tera is adding flying mounts. Again these mounts have limited range. Why are these games dumbing down flight?

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My, Don’t These Trees Look Similar?

Trees Below Dalaran in Wrath of the Lich King

On 13 November, 2008, Blizzard released Wow Wrath of the Lich King including Northrend and the city of Dalaran. Below Dalaran there are two trees.

On 25 January 25, 2011, Tera was released in South Korea. On the Island of Dawn, the starting area for all characters is this tree at Tower Base.

Tower Base Tree in Tera

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Watch out for Bogus Chart Scales

A Completely Bogus Chart

Here’s a completely bogus chart that was displayed on the Yahoo News site yesterday. Every line has a different scale. What can a chart mean where every line has a different scale? What does it tell you?

Probably not what you think it tells you. Be careful, news folks apparently are playing fast and loose with intelligence and logic in this election year.








Chart with Corrected Bars Added

Update: Here is the chart corrected with bars with a constant scale added. Of course the Democratic and Republican scales are different because their “to win” numbers are different. But as you can see by looking at the bars I’ve added below each original bar, the original bars are drawn with different scales. The added bars are all scaled to the “to win” maximums.

Why would Clinton and Trump show at about 50% when they have than 80% of the delegates required? And why would Sanders, Cruz and Kasich be scaled lower than they should be?

It’s not clear what message the original chart was trying to get across, but it’s clearly misleading.

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Windows 10 Update is Unkind with Bandwidth

Windows 10

Windows 10 Update takes no account of whether you want to use the computer. It just downloads the updates and you have no control. Here’s an example.

My daughter and I frequently visit over a VPN – from SoftEther.org – and we are both on Windows 10. Today when we set up the connection, and began talking on Mumble, our voices began breaking up and the other communications were under severe stress.

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