Tera – Fashion Coupons for Gear Costumes

Knollscream Mail
Knollscream Mail

We have discussed the templates previously available with Fed Bills, and the removal of the template system from Tera in previous posts. I’ve not been playing Tera for a while and there have been some updates. Back in April there was an event for about a month where you could obtain Luxury Fashion Coupons. We were each given 20, but it took 200-500 to purchase anything useful. I still have some of those coupons, but the event is over.

Update 16 Dec 2014: As of the Fate of Arun update, it is no longer viable to get Fashion Coupons with low level toons. The drop rate has apparently been reduced to 10-20% of it’s previous number, so rather than working 3 days for 400 coupons with Basilisks or Nagas in Celestial Hills, it now takes much longer. I’ve given up farming Fashion Coupons. You get 5 coupons for doing completing a dungeon with Instance Match, but that will take far too long to get 200-500 coupons for a nice fashion.

Sometime over the summer [2013 date not certain] a new type of Fashion Coupon was created. This time, the event continues. We are going to discuss my experience trying to farm these coupons and show some of the many costumes you can obtain. There are literally 100s of armor designs and one weapon for each class. Many of the armor designs are not very interesting since they are actually just low level armor that each of us have played in the game. But if you want to “Dress Down” and look like a lower level player, then these are interesting.

Some of the designs are quite interesting and some appear to be unique. But first let’s talk about how to get and use these new Fashion Coupons.

Updated 18 Nov. See Below.
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