Tera – Federation Bills Are Good for Something

Santia's Robe Template
Santia’s Robe Template

Federation Bills have been a daily login-reward for a few weeks now. But when you check the vendors in cities, nothing seemed very interesting. But then I saw a player with a neat new outfit, and looked it up on the template site. Wow. A level 50 robe being worn by a lower level character! Wonder how that happened? Check out the robe I saw here and look down for set 19.

Well now I know. Use your Fed Bills to purchase templates. And they are reasonably priced too. 35 bills gets you all three pieces. There are two styles – Santia’s and Quandary Bazaar. The templates are marked level 60, but if you go to the re-modeler in The Hunter’s Plaza of Velika, anybody can remodel their equipment to these templates. It cost me about 1 G 50S to remodel my level 33 gear to the new look. And of course, I can remodel new equipment to the old things to keep the look for future items without buying new templates.

You get 5 10 bills each day you login on each server on your account. Back to 5 per day. These templates are gone with remodeling in 13 May 2014 update.

Some Hints

There are a few hints that may help.

  • If you have a nice look that you want to save, but can’t store in the bank. You can remodel some cheap low level gear to that look and store that in the bank for later.
  • The cost to remodel is lower for lower level gear, so save a few of those white [normal] level 10 items for later on.
  • You can preview before you buy from the Fed Bills NPC. Just left click on the item and a preview window will open which is similar to the window you see in the re-modeler.

More Views of the New Outfit

Here are some more views of my new outfit.

Santia's Robe
Santia’s Robe
Santia's Robe
Santia’s Robe

Album of Pics

Can’t embed a slide show here, but you can link to it.

Album of Pictures of Armor

Here are some of the other templates on other races and genders.