GW2 – Don’t Forget Runes

Asura Engineer
Asura Engineer

As as Engineer or a Guardian you will find that you are one of the two races with no speed boost skill built in. So you need to find a way to move faster. Runes are the answer.

There are two types of runes that boost your speed if you use all 6 of them. That is, if you use an identical rune in all your armor pieces.

Superior Rune of the Traveler and Superior Rune of Speed both provide a 25% boost in movement speed, but the Traveler Rune costs almost 3 times as much.

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GW2 – Mix and Match for Nicer Armor

Pit Fighter Chest, Phalanx Legs
Pit Fighter Chest, Phalanx Legs
Here are some interesting armor looks by mixing and matching various armors. Here our Guardian model is wearing a Heavy Armor mixed set with the Phalanx armor from the gem store on her legs with the Pit Fighter chest for a bare midriff. My taste is to keep the gloves and boots smaller and hide the shoulders and helm. This shows off the bare shoulder and arm and does not hide the hair style.
Dyes are Winter Ice and Midnight Blue. Just perfect for exploring the Shiverpeak Mountains.She is wearing the “Full Makeover” exclusive hairdo with a flower and the dark blue hair color.

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New Kitchen Range

On Showroom Floor - via SmartPhone
On Showroom Floor – via SmartPhone

On 7 Sept at about 11:30pm, the power glitched for long enough that my UPS [Uninterruptible Power Supplies] all started beeping. The power was out for a minute or two and then came back on. The next morning when I got up, the control panel on the stove showed the time and a red PF, as I expected.

After having the repair guy out and trying to replace the control board for $270 no luck. So the next thing to try is the key pad, which is the whole front of the stove, for about $300. So the expected cost of the repair would be over $500 with labor. Time for a new stove. Here’s the new stove. Glass top and convection oven are the requirements. This stove is about $800. Delivery today.

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