GW2 – Do Dungeons

Diviner Armor
Diviner Armor

Once you get to level 80, and craft some armor and weapons. Then you’ll need higher strength gear. One way to get this is to go to WvW [ World vs World] and try to keep up with the Chaos. I tried this for about a day, and got about 1400 Badges of Honor.

The cloth armor looks pretty good actually. Here’s an example of Diviner’s Armor that I got with those Badges and some gold from an Armor Merchant in the Mists.

Another way to get better armor is to Grind dungeons.

There are a number of Dungeon currencies. To get enough for armor will take a few days or a couple of weeks. As you do the dungeons the first time during a day, for any character on your account, you get bonus chest[s].

In addition to these dungeons, there are the Fractals. I’ve only done those once, but my gear was not high enough a level. I’m building up my gear with dungeons, and crafting the next level of gear, which begins to get quite expensive. Ascended gear is the final level, and it’s very complex to craft and costly.

All the Dungeon Weapons and Armor have pretty much the same stats, but different looks. There are some details that are different, so choose carefully.



Diviner's Armor back view
Diviner’s Armor back view

Kaitlin has Diviner’s Honor armor, and an Ascalon Tear staff.

Flame Legion Charr Carving Gear

The Citadel of Flame, provides some interesting gear for my Human Warrior.


Citadel of Flame Gauntlets
Citadel of Flame Gauntlets

This is a Primordius Greatsword. Lora is wearing Gladiator armor with Greaves and Gauntlets from Flame Legion.