RawTherapee – Suggest Easy Way to Compare Images

A90_00301When you are working on a new set of images you need to figure out which ones to use and which ones to toss. This is based on a few things of course, and many of the reasons are easily seen by looking at the image by itself, or comparing the image with the FilmStrip above. It’s almost never enough to just look at the File Browser thumbnail array to cull images.

If you are like me, you often take a few shots from a single spot of a scene. You vary crop, zoom, and exposure, and maybe other settings or just take a couple because the camera may have moved slightly and blurred the shot. So when you get home and start to process these images there are a few to choose from.

At this point, RawTherapee has no easy way to compare images. The current modes are Single Editor and Multiple Editor. Neither of these accomplishes what I need.

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Sony Nex6 – OMG It’s Small

Sony Nex6 vs Nikon D300
Sony Nex6 vs Nikon D300

Just got my Sony Nex6. OMG it’s small. I am amazed. This is not a review, those are easy to find out there. This is just my first impressions. I’m coming from a long history of SLRs and DSLRs. Olympus OM-1 in 1977, Nikon 90S 1995, D70 2004, D300 2008 – to preserve my Nikon lens investment. And later a 18-200 VR lens. A couple of years ago I got bored with photography, mostly because the camera was just too heavy to lug around. I’ve been using Nikon Coolpix and more recently a Pentax WG-II which is great on sandy beaches and rain storms. But I missed shooting raw. Recently I went looking for an updated Raw camera. I’d heard that the Sony Alpha series was a break through camera series with no mirror or penta-prism. Smaller, lighter and cheaper.

Well my first impression is that I can get excited about photography again.

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