HDR with the Sony Nex6

Fusion Sum Result
Fusion Sum Result

The primary requirement I had for the purchase of the Sony Nex6 was that it shoot raw to allow processing of the photos to bring out shadows and compress highlight areas in the same photo. HDR – High Dynamic Range – combines photos taken at different exposures to provide the ability to represent both very light and very dark areas in the same JPG image. Raw saves the wider dynamic range data from the sensor to accomplish the same thing. Which is better?

I shot a series of bracketed images in both JPG and Raw and processed them with HDR software and RawTherapee to find out which is better. Beware of clicking on these images. They are the full size images from the camera and can take a while to download.

The photo above was built from JPG bracketed images using Fusion 1 SUM. It shows a typical flatness and lack of saturation of some HDR photos. I was able to get much better results using PictureNaut.

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