SD Media Card Won’t Mount

My Compaq Presario SR1920NX is running Ubuntu 10.04 and has media card slots.

Sure would be nice to insert a camera card and get the photos. And this works for the CF, and Memory Stick slots, but the SD card will not mount.

I’m using a Nikon Coolpix S550 that has an SD card slot and Windows mounts it with no problem. I assume the card is Fat-32. It’s an 8GB card. Could that be the problem? Something along the way doesn’t deal with the size of the card? This KB article says that Fat-32 can support devices as large as 32GB.

SD Card on Windows

SD Card Properties on Windows

Clearly it’s a FAT32 card with a clean FS on it.


Here are the folders on the SD card.

On Ubuntu 10.04


The computer browser shows the media slots. Memory Stick and CF cards work fine. SD Card does not show up. Not sure what the next pic means.


When I do a Rclick I get a menu with Safely-Remove in it. Does that mean that the computer can see the card?? Let me remove it and see if I still get that..Yep same thing.. So maybe media card slot can’t deal with the large card? Gee…


When I choose Safely Remove I get this.


So maybe the computer is not really ever seeing the SD card.

So, what do we think is the problem:

  1. Ubuntu needs an update or change to recognize the card?
  2. The SD card is too big to be recognized by the Media Card Slot.. Let me check that. I have a large CF card..
CF Card 8GB Properties

Clearly the Media Card slot is capable of seeing an 8GB card. Here’s an 8GB CF card that mounted perfectly.

Only the SD card won’t mount.


– windy