TurPunkenClaus – For the Lazy Holiday Decorator

I like to decorate for the Holidays, but I’m a lazy decorator. I’d like to have a single yard ornament to put up before Halloween and remove after new years. I’ve designed the perfect thing. You might call it one of several things and you might make it in various ways.


With a naming scheme based on the TurDuck’En holiday meat dish, you might call the yard ornament:

  • Tur-Punken-Claus.
  • Tur-Jacko-Claus.
  • Jacko-Tur-Claus.
  • Jacko-Claus-key.

You get the idea. I’ve never seen such a thing for sale. Perhaps I should encourage a holiday yard ornament manufacturer to create several different types.

My style actually uses a Frosty the Snowman head because that was easier to model than a real Santa Claus head. Like I said, I’m lazy when it comes to the Holidays.

– windy