Windsurfing in SL

A fellow named Nielsen makes an excellent windsurfer for Second Life. I got one today. It’s not the only one going apparently. I hear tell there are other models that have jump capabilities. But this one is a beauty and relatively easy to control.
Preparing to launch

Just like RL you need to launch it properly. If you aren’t in the water, it won’t go. So you’ve got to turn it around and aim it the right way and then jump on with a Right Click and choose SURF. 🙂


And it goes like crazy… But Second Life servers can’t really deal with vehicles. They screw up, especially when you cross SIM boundaries. A sim is an area of SL run by a server and it is 256m on a side or 65K m2. So when you are ripping and tearing, it’s easy to cross sim boundaries. But the good news is that Azure Islands sets sims aside for watercraft – maybe not exclusively, but there are several all water sims for watercraft. Just next door as it turns out. The Nielsen windsurfer can be shared with friends, so everybody can come over and we can all go sailing. It comes, out of the box, in 4 sizes, so everybody can play not matter their size.

I’ve crashed twice so far. At one point, while crossing a SIM boundary, the windsurfer was taken from me and there I was – still apparently on it, but locked up. So I had to “relog” which means shut down the SL client, and start again. And the windsurfer that is returned in Lost and Found is still running, so if you start it out, you have to be ready to go go go… It’s best to start with a new copy of the windsurfer so you can start from scratch.

The second time, something got confused and I fell through the sea floor. I was at -12000 m and falling when I gave up and stopped the client. Even attempting to Teleport (TP) back home did not work.

Ahhhh Second Life… Eventually it will work.

But it’s fun all the same,