Second Life Friends Photo Galleries

As a Second Life Friend, you can upload pictures to my photo gallery to share with other SL friends we have in common. If you want to add friends to our group, let me know and we can add them easily.

This article takes you step by step through posting your pictures in case you have not used Coppermine Photo Gallery software before. Here is the gallery in case you have lost the link: Windy Weather Second Life Friends

First of all we should mention that pictures that I have posted and that you post here are only available to you and our other Second Life friends that have registered with my gallery. In each case, I will need to allow them to be a member of the “SL Friends” group before they can see any of the pictures. The pictures, while they are accessible via the internet, are not publicly available.

To start, you must login with the username and password that you or we established for you on the gallery. Click on these images for a larger view so you can see the details.
You must login first

As you can see, before you login, you cannot see the albums for SL Friends, although the names are visible. These photos are the ones that I have posted in the shared category for SL Friends. This is not where your “Personal Gallery” will go. There is a separate area for Personal Galleries.

I am a photographer and so there are many other photos on my site. To see the rest of the photos, choose Home from the menu.

To upload your photos, the first thing you need to do is create an album.
Create an Album
Choose Create / Order my albums from the menu.

To create a new album, click New and then select it above and change it’s name in the line below the list. The up and down arrow keys can be used to change the order of your albums, and then you must click Apply Modifications to save your changes.

Once you have one or more albums, you can upload photos:
Upload files

I’m sure you have seen dialogs like this before. After you have filled in the file paths, click Continue and Continue on the next page. Next you have to choose an album for each of the pictures and possibly fill in some information about the picture.
Select an album

After your photos are uploaded into your albums, you need to set the permissions and any other information about your albums. Choose Modify My Albums from the menu as below, and then choose the album from the pull down at the top right of the page.
Modify My Albums
You may enter information, and choose a default thumbnail for the album rather than the default of “last uploaded”.
THIS IS IMPORTANT: You need to set the “Albums can be viewed by” to SL Friends group only so that the photos are not public.

To find your personal gallery choose My Gallery from the menu.
My Personal Gallery

This is possibly a little more complicated than other systems, but there are permissions and other features. But the images can be any size, you can have any number of photos and there is no spam or other nonsense that comes along with sites like Ringo.

Enjoy, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns or questions.