New Beach House in SL

I’ve designed a new beach house for Second Life. This one has three “floors” to accommodate my photo studio, a lounge for dancing and parties, and of course, a bedroom. All the views are 360 and unobstructed. The “physics” of SL does not require actually supports, so one is free to design without regard to engineering reality. The house is about 60m high and the lower Studio floor is about 16x20m.

Beach House

As you can see, the house appears to be supported by a trunk, but this is totally unnecessary, but it makes the house appear to be a tree-house of sorts. This side view shows the property lines. And as you can see, this design leaves most of the beach unobstructed for play and my building and scripting activities. That is me standing on top of the house to give it scale. And the little box floating above the house is the Rez Control device which is used to build the house. This could be removed once the house is placed on the property. But I may eventually sell the house and this is required to do any modifications before sale.

From the side

One of the problems with a house like this is how to get between floors. There are no stairs or elevators. Fortunately, SL has several ways to build Teleportation Devices and I designed the most common of these into the house. The Beach and each floor has a Teleport-Pad which can be programmed with a dialog to take you to the Studio, Lounge or Bedroom, and from there anywhere else. In an instant you arrive, refreshed at your destination.

From the water

The lower Studio floor is blacked out for better photographic control. The !N30 photo studio has lighting, backdrop and model posing controls and comes with 105 poses for the model.
Photo Studio Installed

You can’t party without a bar and some stools to sit on while talking and listening to good music.
Studio Bar

The remaining floors are natural woven mats and bamboo motif with forest leaves outside. The lounge has a bar in bamboo and forest leaves motif and a comfi couch and chairs. The radio is the black object on the shelf. The TP pad is the circle on the floor with the control device red ball above it.
Lounge Bar, radio and TP Pad

The windows have automatic controls for each floor. They can be transparent or black inside, and Private nearly opaque Ripple texture or a smoky texture outside. Eventually I will install lighting controls for each floor. The house control panels are designed to accommodate lighting.
House Control Panel

The house is designed for partying. I’ve purchased and installed radio receivers – with 65 built-in streaming radio channels – in the Lounge and Studio floors, and a Laser Light Show on the Lounge Floor for dancing.
Lounge Laser Light Show

Party On!