Labeling DVDs

Use folder images to label your DVDs and CDs…

Late last year I purchased an Epson R200 printer that can print on CDs and DVDs. I wrote an article over in the boards and showed some pictures.

I’ve been using the printer to label movie DVDs for a while, but the problem of labeling data DVDs has eluded me. Here’s a solution, and since the printer has a high resolution, it works quite well.

data DVD label

Even the full size as rendered here is not easy to read, but the DVD itself can be read quite easily, although you may need to use a loupe to do it.

I just brought up the DVD in the explorer and then did screen cuts from the folder tree. Arranged in a reasonable way around the DVD label, the contents of the DVD are easily summarized. Of course, the best thing to do is also index the DVDs for easy searching later. This article describes my experiences with Google desktop and SpindleSearch.