Wow – Happy Feast of Winter Veil

Thalmatos with Ramkahen tabard
Thalmatos with Ramkahen tabard

Greetings from Azeroth and happy Feast of Winter Veil, which is our winter holiday celebrations. Many things have happened to me and my siblings since the last time I wrote you. As the elder Death Knight brother, I often break ground in new areas ahead of other members of our family. Several of us have progressed to level 85, or are almost at that level. It has been a long hard struggle against challenging foes, but we have helped each other with equipment, crafted materials and funds. One of us has even visited the new continent of Pandaria, although she finds it very challenging, but more on that from Candravia later in our note.

There have been minor accomplishments too, such as Thalmatos and Candravia helping some of the others with farming for materials to increase their First Aid crafting skills. At higher levels, first aid can be a real benefit for many classes since it allows quick recovery from battle damage.

Currently I’m working in the desert of Uldum helping the cause of the Ramkahen. Not only do they have nice gear as rewards for my efforts, but they sell a camel mount which I will get when I reach Exalted with their faction.

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Wow Mists Public Test Realm – New Interest and Goals

Level 85 Dwarven Priest

I recently signed up for the Mists of Pandaria Public Test Realm. This is a test area for the new expansion that should be out in a couple of months. I had signed up for the Beta, but never got an invite. They filled their quota from folks who bought the annual pass apparently. The PTR is a test area for the update, but without MoP, so I couldn’t visit the new Mists area or make a Panda or Monk, but I could see many areas I’ve not seen before. I don’t yet have a level 85 character and the PTR has the ability to create template characters at level 85.

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Flying Carpet Mount

As a Warlock, my armor is cloth, so it is natural for me to have the tailoring skill. One of the exclusive benefits for Tailors is the ability to build a Flying Carpet. I have increased my Tailoring skill to 300+ and have been able to tailor a Flying Carpet mount. I had quite a bit of help from my Death Knight brother who helped with farming the cloth, and buying the other materials from the auction house. The Arcane Dust required is readily available, but the Golden Draenite is rare and quite expensive. Four Golden Draenite items are needed for the glowing globes at each corner of the carpet. Continue reading “Flying Carpet Mount”

Wow Mercenaries?

Level 23 Priest

The Problem
Wow classes are not balanced for PVE soloing. I’m not suggesting that they aren’t balanced for other efforts or that they should be changed, but as we all know, some classes have a real problem soloing in PVE.

Some Background
I’m not a whiner, and I’ve been playing MMOs for over 5 years, so I have some experience beyond Wow. Here in Wow, in the past few months, I have played all the classes and studied the wiki guides.
Let’s look at the biggest example you are all familiar with: The Priest. The priest is the squishiest of the classes. I’m sure it’s possible to solo the priest in PVE. I’ve gotten a priest up to level 20, but it’s no fun. It’s a lot of work to solo a priest. The mental and input “load” is very high. Many different skills are required and everything needs to go just right to take down mobs, even if you are a few levels higher than they are. And if two mobs run you at the same time, forget it. You are in for a long walk from the graveyard. Continue reading “Wow Mercenaries?”

Wow – Death Knight Class – Early Experience

Death Knight Night Elf at 61

Once you level at least one character in your account to level 55, you can create Death Knight class characters of any Race on any Realm. Death Knights start at level 55, so all the drudgery of getting to level 55 is eliminated, but there are other problems to deal with. There are many notable experiences and problems for a Death Knight:

  • While you start at level 55, you have only 20 silver in your bank.
  • The starting quest chain is a tight story line, which is exciting and engaging. While it is not as rich with cinematics and dialog as the Undead quest chain in the Silverpine forest, it leads you through a story that places you in the world and fills in your back story.
  • You will find yourself at level 58 with an updated weapon and some new armor pieces when the quest chain ends.
  • The story ends differently for Horde and Alliance based on your race. But I’ll not spoil your experience by telling you the end.
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Wow – Realm Design Has Problems

World of Warcraft

I have recently been playing World of Warcraft. While the game has much to recommend it, especially since they have a trial or starter edition that is free-to-play [up to level 20], it has a serious problem with its design of “realms” or “shards” as some games call it.

“Shards” or “Realms” of course is the name used  for the “instances” of the server that are required to support very large numbers of players. These games are MMO – Massively Multi-Player – and “Persistent” which means that they do not place players in private “instances” of the game as they play. But it is not possible to have hundreds of thousands of players all playing in the same server at the time. How is the game going to solve the problem when thousands of players show up in the same town at the same time for a party or just to hang out on a Saturday night?

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