Wow Mists Public Test Realm – New Interest and Goals

Level 85 Dwarven Priest

I recently signed up for the Mists of Pandaria Public Test Realm. This is a test area for the new expansion that should be out in a couple of months. I had signed up for the Beta, but never got an invite. They filled their quota from folks who bought the annual pass apparently. The PTR is a test area for the update, but without MoP, so I couldn’t visit the new Mists area or make a Panda or Monk, but I could see many areas I’ve not seen before. I don’t yet have a level 85 character and the PTR has the ability to create template characters at level 85.

In the PTR you can…

In the PTR you can create level 85 characters from templates for any race or class from Cataclysm and explore all of the Cataclysm areas. Also the new talent system is available. Apparently the combat pet system is also there, but I have not investigated that as yet.

The level 85 template characters come with epic armor and weapons, and bags full of enchanting and jewel making items. I put the crafting supplies away in the bank and moved on with my exploring. With a limited amount of time in the PTR, I didn’t want to spend it standing around studying enchanting and jewel making skills.

Bored with Wow

I had been bored with Wow for a couple of months now. I was stuck leveling very slowly in Outland, Blade Edge Mountains. All my Horde characters are at lleast level 60 with a flying mount, but it was such a drag and leveling was so slow. I realize that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend too much time on long quest chains or amassing faction reputation since all the work will be destroyed when the server is shut down in September. However, the PTR taught me a few things.

  • Wow can be fun if you move on to Northrend. The EXP from Blades Edge Mountain quests is too small, and Northrend has interesting areas with higher EXP from quests.
  • It’s possible to get drake mounts at level 70-75, with some work. Red drakes and Netherdrakes require Exalted status with their factions, but these are possible in a week or two of work and you get lots of experience as you go. The Netherdrake quests can only be started after you have advanced flying skills which cost 5000G, so the Red Drake quests in Coldarra and Wyrmrest are the best ones to start with. The template characters come with the flying skill, so I was able to investigate the beginning of the quest chains for both of these factions.
  • Level 85 characters with Epic gear kick serious butt. I was getting 20-30K damage with single hits for each of the 85 template characters. That’s one hit kills on everything, including bosses, at the 70-80 level.
  • Lich King dungeons can be handled by 3 people at level 85. I found groups of folks and took down the chain of Lich King dungeons with two different characters – Hunter and Priest – PTR. Three of us took them out where usually you would play with 5 characters in a dungeon. The 10 man Raid could not be handled by three folks tho. The first big boss took us out very easily.

PTR allowed me to see what a level 85 character is like and that there is lots to do at that level. I’m re-energized for going back to Wow.