Electric Zero Turn Mower?

EGO has just released a 42″ Zero Turn Electric Mower. It uses 4 x 10Ah 56V batteries, the same one EGO uses for their other tools. And of course it charges the Batteries in-place, so you don’t have to move them. Just plug it in like your Tesla.

Yep. It will cut 2 acres on a charge and it has a cup holder and USB charger.

Compared with ICE Mowers?

Notice that it’s only about $2000 more than the other zero-turn mowers of the same 42″ cut width. So $2899 for an ICE mower and $4999 for an Electric one.

I notice that the sweet spot seems to be 54″ in Zero Turn. More Mower for not a lot more money compared with the 42″ size. But also the Ariens 52″ is the same price as the EGO Z6.

I’ll bet none of these ICE mowers have cup holders and USB Chargers. So there’s that.

Fixing Electric Mowers?

Electric mowers have been out there long enough that YouTube videos have started showing up for how to fix them. A couple videos that I’ve watched show failures where the “Safety Wiring” is eventually compromised by Folding the Mower over and over. Seems like the wires are getting pinched or are failing due to repeated bending.

Here’s an example of a wiring failure:

So one question is, how about your local mower shop? They have been fixing ICE mowers for decades. Are they coming up to speed on electric mowers? It’s one thing to have a problem with a Trimmer or Blower. But it’s quite another thing to have a problem with a $500 21″ mower or $5000 42″ Zero-Turn mower.

Update – Ryobi Mower is Cheaper?

Here we are on 23 May 2021 and there’s another mower I found.

Turns out that Ryboi makes one too. And it’s cheaper. There’s a youtube review of the unit and it looks like a beast. One year battery warranty and a three year warranty on everything else. And this one is 54 inches not 42 inches wide. So three blades across not 2. Maybe it doesn’t have a cup holder and chargers.